Revolutionizing Team Sports Analytics

Track160 offers a groundbreaking player and ball optical tracking solution.
No man in the loop, no expensive worn sensors.

Track160 wins Leaders Innovation Lab 2018 Award

DFL Invested
1st Prize
1st Prize

Automatic team sports quantification

Track160 is quantifying performance and tactics metrics in team sports. The company is using Artificial Intelligence, and more concretely, deep learning techniques, to track and identify the players throughout the match as well as track the ball's trajectories from a single viewpoint video.

As a video source we use current market panoramic video solutions or just an array of 2-3 handycams covering the playing field and mounted at a single installation point.

Automatic clips for coaches

AI-based event tagging and clip preparation

Loss of possession? Passes that outplayed opponent players? Shots on goals? How long would it take you to edit such clips and to share them with your team? Hours?
With Automatic clips, it’ll take you seconds!

It’s the first AI-driven & deep learning video platform that automatically detects match events, creating an on-demand rich video gallery. In the press of a button, filter out events that interest you and assemble in seconds a video gallery with the clips you want from the match.

Why Track160


Our technology captures player motion and 3D poses throughout the match for advanced analytics and game simulation purposes, with unprecedented levels of accuracy - up to 30cm!


A fully automatic system, with no need for human operators, without expensive hardware, and with simple operational logistics.

Fast, easy and portable

A single, portable, battery powered viewpoint captures the entire field, allowing teams to deploy on away games and get full tracking coverage throughout the season.

Tracks the ball

The only system that reliably tracks and locates the ball’s 3D position using just video input.

Track160’s solutions are based on cutting edge Deep Learning and Computer Vision technology.

Recognise player jersey number

Identify team colours and textures

Analyze unique player movement

Detect player tactical positions

Recognise ball appearance and 3D movement

The Process

The players and ball locations are used to automatically extract performance/tactical parameters such as runs, dribbling, passing, defense spread as well as injuries and role predictions.

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